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“Real Women Real Talk”

“Real.. Women Real Talk- Making your Passion a Reality Check”  Presented by Designing Women Ministries of Little Rock, Arkansas. (Founder,  Apostle Cynthia Austin)

This was an awesome event of Women of Excellence.  The Panelist included :

Angela “AJ” Braggs – Moderator

Merica Profit, Unhurd Conversations

Shonda Shroud Ali-Shamaa, Love R.O.C. S.

Shaunda Williams, SLW Technology

CeCe Mcdowell, Ceci’s Chicken & Waffles

According to Apostle Cynthia Austin, We need to discover the gift the God has for us and All we have to do is to take the “Leap” of “Faith“!

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Each panelist had the opportunity to share there experiences with the success of their own business  along with their perspectives on building and promoting your brand.

If you were not able to attend you missed an awesome experience. Make sure you get connected for future events.

Conference Highlights

During the conference there were discussions on how to build your Brand.

You have to 1st think in think, Next Believe then go through the process , according to Ceci McDowell, Owner of Ceci’s Chicken & Waffles.

Dedication and Patience are a must.

Merica , Unhurd Conversations says ” Somethings are commonsense , but not common practice, Believe in your own Brand.  You have to “Look and “Live” your Brand. Write the Vision and Plan. Then be able to execute the plan ”


All responded that the most expensive lesson that they have learn is “not having a plan”

Part of your process is developing your plan.


Being around like minded people helps to keep your mind strong . There is power in the mind. You have to

” Command it”

Panelist Question

Can I do a lot of different things at once  i.e barbershop, car wash and selling sandwiches etc ?

You must be a master at something. Be good at one thing  or a specialist in the service that you will provide.  You need to clearly define your Niche and what you do do so that others  will be able to recognize your Brand.

Your are the face of your Brand.  Be positive and professional.

To better develop your brand read and educate yourself

One suggested book was Profit & Margin.

Give them something to remember you by.


Business cards



Social Media Presence

Promotional Videos

This was overall a great conference.

Make sure you connect with the panelist as the Cynthia Austin the organizer and founder of Designing Women Ministries which sponsored the Conference

501-952-5039 (Phone)











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